What We Do

The only product that our firm sells to its clients is advice about their financial affairs. That guidance is continuous, all-inclusive, and readily available. We aim to be the primary source of advice for all our clients in every part of their financial lives.

We believe that the comprehensive nature of our work with clients makes it more valuable than the sum of its parts. Put simply, excellent advice that integrates the various aspects of a family’s financial life creates more value for the very reason that it weaves together all the different parts.

In addition to our own expertise, we work with a team of highly regarded professionals to get clients the guidance they require. For a single low fee, we provide all of the following services for our clients, as dictated by their individual needs and desires:

In our experience, few families need help in all of these areas. Most people, though, can derive tremendous gains from solid guidance in some of them.

Tax Planning (beyond investments)

  • Specific strategies to reduce taxes
  • Taking advantage of certain activities rewarded by the tax code
  • Preparation of federal and state tax returns

Guidance with Estate Planning

  • Strategies for getting your estate where you want it to go at the lowest possible cost

Insurance Analysis and Advice

  • How much insurance is enough? How much is too much?
    • What is wrong with having excess insurance?
    • Are all policies of a given type the same?
    • Are all insurance companies the same? (Should I just shop for price?)
  • What types of insurance are rip-offs?
  • What types of risks are best insured and what types should one just accept?
  • What about “deductibles”?

Investment Planning

  • Allocating assets
  • Diversification
  • Guidance in choosing specific investments
  • After-Tax investment return (“Tax-Effective Investing”)
  • Dealing with Investment Risk:
    • Helping clients understand appropriate levels of investment risk
    • Avoiding hidden risks
    • Balancing and hedging risks

Debt Management and Planning

  • Analysis
    • How much does it really cost me?
    • Is there a better way?
    • Are there other methods for financing this need or project?
  • Management
    • How much debt should I carry?
    • What types of debt make sense? (Which are crazy?)
    • Am I spending the least amount possible on my debt?
    • Is there a plan for reducing the debt?
    • Are loans being paid off in the correct order?
  • Planning
    • Deciding carefully in advance can make a huge difference in cost incurred

Planning for Retirement, Education and Financial Security

  • Retirement savings
  • Saving to put children through school
  • Are all 529 Plans more or less the same?
  • Building financial security through savings

Management of Assets After Retirement

  • Income
  • Risk reduction
  • Making sure that assets last the entire length of the person’s life
  • Estate planning (as desired)

Cost Cutting for Financial Services

  • Are all those companies alike?
    • Which ones should we use?
    • Which ones should we avoid like the plague?
    • How much are they really charging?
    • What are they really doing for me?
  • Am I being “ripped off” in any of my financial services?
    • Banking
    • Loans I have outstanding (including credit cards)
    • Stockbrokers
    • Insurance salespeople
    • Mortgage brokers
    • Investment companies

Planning for Gifts and Charitable Giving

  • Charitable giving
    • Tax strategies to reduce the cost of gifts to charities
    • Combining charity with estate planning
  • Gifts to relatives and friends
    • Tax consequences
    • Minimizing the tax on gifts
    • Reduction of taxes through such gifts

Reductions in Complexity

  • Consolidation at lower or equal cost
  • Elimination of redundancy in financial holdings and services
  • Having less to keep track of with better outcomes

Counseling for Budgeting, Spending, and Saving

  • How much should a prudent family save?
  • What is “spending too much”?
  • In light of our assets and income, what is the wisest course?

Answering Financial Questions

  • Whatever may come up in your financial life, we will help you with it
  • We like to say: “Either we know the answer or we will find it out” in the service of our client